There are 8 New Features in Android 7.1.1 Developer Preview for Nexus 6P That You Might To Know!

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Hello guys, it’s been while that I wrote an Article. Recently I got an update which was Android Developer Preview based on 7.1.1 that we have already seen from Google’s new Pixel X/XL devices. The update was about 1223MB size. So today I would like to share what’s new things/features in it. You can also watch the video from down below. Guys, I want you to share my videos on your social networks in order to support me. It helps me a lot grow and improve my channel. Hope you guys understand that😃

What’s new features in Android Developer Preview (7.1.1)

  1. Icon options: When you long press on any Google’s or other Supported apps you will find few options poping upward from App Icon which comes very handy to use. They can also be dragged anywhere on screen if decided to move. Google is using the Long press functionality but not the 3rd touch like an Apple’s Iphone. This is also working in App drawer.
  2. Quick Toggels: Previously we have five toggles when you swipe down from the status bar but now they are Six. Now I can add one more toggle which I use the most. If I open the Notification bar completely you can notice that they changed the Edit option from bottom to Top with Pen Icon
  3.  Support:  They now included the Support under settings where you can Chat or ask them to call you. This may vary from place to place. For me it’s available from  9 to 6.
  4.  Moves: This is another cool feature from Pixel. We have three options like Jump to camera,Which activates Camera by pressing the power key twice. Flip camera which allows the camera to change rear and front cameras. Last to check Phone which usually shows the Notifications on Lockscreen.
  5.  Smart Storage: If I headover to Settings, then to storage. There is a new option at the Top called Manage Storage. Once I select that, now I have an option to enable Smart Storage which delete the Photos/Videos that are backed up. This works when  device storage is full. We have also option to select a certain time period like 30days or 90days etc.
  6.  Restart: Finally, Google decided to add a restart option when you give a long press on Power Key. Ufff…Finally😂
  7.  Keyboard Gif’s:  With the latest keyboard you can add/search certain Gif’s to your conversations.
  8.  Password Manager: I don’t know whether this is new or already there. I have noticed this with Developer Preview, please correct me if I’m wrong. Now when you login to any apps and you will see a popup window asking you to Save the passwords to your Google account.

That’s it guys. I hope that I had covered all the key points. If I didn’t then please mention them under the comment section.

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