10 Ways to Fix/Improve Android 7.0 Nougat Battery Life

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Hi friends, today I will help you in “10 Ways to Fix/Improve Android 7.0 Nougat Battery Life”. I’ll try to make the article as simple as possible because any beginners who comes to my site should also understand what I’m trying to explain. Anyways if you want have a clear vision what I’m saying via this article, you can simply watch my Video which is down below.

  1. Finding Battery Draining Apps (Especially Facebook if you are using it) : You have to find the Apps, that are draining your phones energy. To do that Go to Settings > Select Memory > Here select the duration that you want to check from > click on Memory used by apps. Here you will see the Average memory usage of an Application. Select and force stop the app if it is using huge memory. Repeat the same process for the apps you don’t want use them for a while.
  2. Disable unused Services : When ever you don’t use the services like Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data etc., turning them into off. This will improve your battery life.
  3. Auto Brightness : I would suggest to manually adjust the Brightness of your device because it’s always using your sensor to set the appropriate screen light which tends to high energy use.
  4. Disable Device Manager (If enabled) : Though it is very useful in a situation to locate our phone when it is lost. It’s always awake and consumes more and more energy. Enable it only if it is important for you.
  5. Disable Animations  or Set it to 0.5 Value : Go to settings find Developer Options and if you didn’t find it, then go to About phone and hit continously on Build number 7 times continuously. Now go back and enter into Developer options. Navigate to Animations section. Here disable all three animations and if you need it then keep it 0.5.
  6. Disable Locations & Locations History : Using Location servies when ever we needed can improve the battery life. For this go to Settings> Locations>Turn it off when it is not in use. And again at the bottom select Location History, Disable this one also.
  7. Check Account Sync : Your device enables the sync for all apps by default. You can improve them by sync manually. You can turn off the app sync that are not much important for you, under settings Accounts > select the app and disable it.
  8. Restart Your Phone : Most of the time if my phone is lagging or if I feel it is draining my battery then simply Restarting your phone can solve the problem in most cases.
  9. Clear Cache Partition : Sometimes, clearing cache can also solve the problem. To do that turnoff the phone. Now hit Power button + Volume up Key (this may vary with other devices) at the same time and release the keys once you see the boot animation. When you see the Android icon hit and hold power key. While pressing the power key hit volume up key once and release the keys. This will take you to the recovery mode. Here select Clear cache partition and hit Yes.
  10. Factory Reset your Device : If you are even facing the battery issues after following all the steps then you need to Factory Reset.

Hope this helped you. If you have some more tips like this please share with us by leaving a comment down below. I would be glad if you do so.

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