Fix SIM/Network Issues in Iphone Xs/Xs Max/Xr or any Iphone

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Iphone is mostly Stable with its optimised Software but there are some situations where it will bother the user a lot. One of them is Network issues, It just doesn’t get any signal/it may lose the signal completely and doesn’t work again unless the user make any changes to settings or updating them.

Follow the below procedures to resolve Network issues on your Iphone. This works on all the Iphone Devices. (Iphone X, Xs, XR, Xs Max etc.,)

Network Settings: 

Mostly this problem occurs due to improper Network settings, we need to select the network to proper SIM Carrier.

  • To do that Go to Settings>Mobile Data>Network Selection
  • Here, Turn on Automatic toggle to adjust the Network settings Automatically by your phone.
  • If this doesn’t work, update them manually by selecting your Network Provider.
  • If it works, you should see the Signal bars on the Status.

Flight Mode:

  • Some times the problem might resolve by  just Enabling and then Disabling the Flight Mode.
  • Enable Flight Mode for 2 mins and then again turn it off, this should solve.
  • Again, If it works, you should see the Signal bars on the Status.

Update Network Settings:

If the Network Settings and Flight Mode doesn’t work, try by updating the Network Settings

  • To do that Go to Settings>General>About
  • Once you are in About section just keep the phone a side for 5mins without going back or turning the screen off. Iphone will automatically update Network settings once you open  the about section. (It updates, depending upon the network that is connected and also depends upon the speed of Wi-Fi Network)
  • If that is successfully updated you can see the Network on status bar.
  • If doesn’t work once force close the Settings and again try updating the Network Settings, like mentioned in above points (Update Network Settings)

Reset Network Settings:

  • Now, still the problem is not solved. It’s time to Reset Network Settings.
  • To do that Go to Settings>General>scroll down and select Reset>Click on Reset Network Settings>Give passcode and confirm Reset Network Settings.

Note: This will not delete any of your data. It just delete the network settings and restore the default settings.

Restart Iphone: 

After Trying or updating above mentioned procedures, restart your phone to apply the changes. Sometimes, the changes will be applied without restarting the phone, even though it’s recommended to Reboot the device.

Hope this article worked for you.If it worked let me know by commenting down below. Also share incase you have any Tips like this, I would be glad if you do so. Thank you.

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