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Convert MP4 into MP3 instantly using ES File Explorer in Any Android

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Hello guys, hope you all doing well! Today I will let you know how to “Convert MP4 into MP3 instantly using Es File Explorer” which works in almost any Android smartphone. I use this file manager (Es File Explorer) almost every time, ofcourse that is my primary file manager though. It has many functions like Recycle bin which can restore the files that you accidentally deleted, can modify android system, can transfer all type of files including Apk’s and much more ( Sorry for boring you, Let’s get into the point) 😉

I will explain you in very easy manner, if you like to learn via video then thats fine. Follow the video which is down below

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How to convert MP4 into MP3 Instantly using Es File Manager

  • Download and open Es File Manager
  • Navigate the video file that you want to convert into mp3 ( If you want to keep the video file along with mp3 then duplicate the video by giving long press, select copy and then again select Paste. Now you will see two video files)
  • Give a long press to the Video file and select Rename
  • Now change the extension name i.e., mp4 to mp3 ( for example: if the file name is GetGoogles.mp4 then change it into GetGoogles.mp3 )
  • That’s it, your video file now successfully converted into mp3


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