ClipBoard for Android Nougat (Nexus 6P) / works on Almost any Android

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Hello guys, today I will show you “How to add a clipboard Manager for your Nexus 6p running Nougat. This also works with almost any android. If you copy any text or link and that can pasted somewhere in any app but what if you copied another text and again decided  to paste the previously copied text. That cannot be done so because your phone doesn’t have any clipboard manager like we have with Samsung phones to store them. So.. Let’s get started!

For this tutorial I’m using an app called Clip Stack which is available for free in the Playstore.

  1. The best feature of this app is, it will remember all your copied history.
  2. This works everywhere, no matter which phone you are using for say a phone, tablet, android wear and all supported devices.
  3. It show’s the 5 recent texts in notification only when copying new text and can be dismissed by just swiping or even disable it by giving a long press
  4. You can even search or favourite certain texts that you use mostly use, also there is an option for adding our own text to the clipboard
  5. I was using it more than a week now and I feel, it is very useful.
  6. This app will come handy for those users who copy the text a lot and want to use the previously copied text again and again

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Hope this article helped you. Let me know your thoughts about this app by commenting down. Thanks for choosing my website. Have a great day


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