How to Playback Youtube Videos from Android (Marshmallow/Lollipop) to Pc or TV

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Hello guys welcome to another tutorial on How to playback your Youtube Videos from Android to Pc or On to your Television. It works with every Android (above 4.0 and correct me if I’m wrong) or IOS. Before trying the method you need to be on same Wifi network, otherwise this won’t work.

First, if you are on Tv then its okay but if you want to play videos on PC then open any browser on your system. Type the URL then Go to Menu (it will like 3 dot Horizontal icon) there you will find pair device. Once clicking on that you will be given a pair code

Now on your Android/IOS open Youtube Application then go to settings, select the connected TVs. Previously we have given a code in system/PC/TV right. Enter the code on your phone and click Add. You have successfully connected to Youtube TV.

Select any video on your phone and click on it, you will find two options play and Queue. Selet play and you can see that the video is playing on the system/Tv. Yaay, we successfully done the process. You can also pause the video directly from the app or on your PC.

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