Hello guys, Today I’m here with most anticipated feature for Whatsapp. That is the Video calling, yes it’s now finally available for Whatsapp. It’s also working flawlessly on my Nexus 6p. But when I called to my Nokia X the colours were inverted and I won’t judge it because it’s still in beta version. That may be changed in finally release. So now you need to download the Apk file from down below which is 2.16.318 version. This video calling feature only works if your app version is as mention in the article or above. Your friend also need to be installed the same version in order to receive the calls. 

Hello guys, today I will show you “How to add a clipboard Manager for your Nexus 6p running Nougat. This also works with almost any android. If you copy any text or link and that can pasted somewhere in any app but what if you copied another text and again decided  to paste the previously copied text. That cannot be done so because your phone doesn’t have any clipboard manager like we have with Samsung phones to store them. So.. Let’s get started!

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We have got another rumoured news about Google’s New launcher. Recently I have found an apk file which has different interface than the official Google Now Launcher. It looked same but it has some changes to it. So I just downloaded the file and tried it on my Nexus 6P which was running Android Developer Preview 5. After installing I started loving it a lot especially when going to App drawer. I also mention that it feels weird at the beginning.

Hello guys, welcome to my another article on “How to Read Girl/Boy/Lover Whatsapp Messages Secretly Without Blue Ticks or Last Seen/Read”. If you are reading this article then probably want to hide your read status from your opponent. Whatsapp let’s you hide your blue ticks from it’s settings but there is problem with official technique i.e, after enabling the hide blue ticks option you will also not able to see others read status (Blue Ticks which turns into Blue in colour ).

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Thats ok if you don’t care about that but if you really want to Read messages without showing Blue Ticks but also want to see others Read status of your messages. Then you need to download an App called “shh😏No Last Seen or Read”. By using the app you hide your read status even if you are in Online or Offline.

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Hello guys welcome to another article of “Top 5 Applications” that you must try on your Android Smartphone. These are the few useful apps that picked by me. Hope they will be useful for your daily need. Let me know what you feel about them via comments and if you want talk/share your thoughts directly to me, then tweet me via Twitter

You can also have a quick look on the below video

Top 5 Android Applications

5. Plastexo Wallpaper: This app gives you more than 150+ minimal and flat wallpapers with resolution of 3200×2560. It supports Mezei and zooper skins. You can apply the wallpapers by giving long press or apply it manually. You can even save the wallpapers for offline.


4. Fenix: It’s a third party client for Twitter with many features. If you are trying to get a fresh look for twitter then this app is the best choice for you. It supports real time notifications, multi images and multi accounts. The app allows to change the conversations layouts and theme colours.


3. Retrica: It is the best filter camera app to capture and share your experience with everyone. Take photo or video with more than 125+ gorgeous filters to give a variety of styles. The app has more than 300 million users. It provides real time filler filters to apply for capturing photos or videos.


2. Chrooma Keyboard: It’s an awesome keyboard and one of my best loved Keyword with many features built into it. The main feature I liked about this app is – it changes the keyboard color according to the app that you are using. You can also customise it’s look or change something you like to do under the settings.


1. Drupe: This is a contacts and the dialer app where it allow us to contact or message to our friends by just a swipe. You can view all the contacts, Favourites, Logs lots etc., The app can be changed as per your like with tons of new themes. Go to the settings and play around to give a better look for your contacts access.


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Hey guys, hope you doing good. Today I will show you on how to give a Nexus like Look for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This will also work with Galaxy S6,S7 and few more Samsung Devices. Let me know your thoughts after trying this method / ask me any questions if you have / suggest me some videos to make via my Twitter account GETGOOGLES , you can watch Video Tutorials for clear Installation.

Iphone 6s/6s plus 3d touch functionality is making a round all over the world in 2015. As we know Apple always tries to introduce or develop new Technology. Many developers are ready, also made their apps to utilise it’s 3d touch function. How does this works?? Thats simple – if you press an app slightly which is compatible with IPhone feature, then you can see some of it’s  option and again if we press more harder there we can access further more information.

But what about for Android? As 3d touch is newly developed feature it may take some more days, weeks, months or even years to develope such type functionality for other companies. If you are eager to try its feature then there we go, Instagram recently released a beta programme which has 3d touch like functionality which works when you give a long press on any image in it. You will have three options to Like, View Profile or share to any one of your friends. Unfortunately this is not going to available in the Playstore beacause the Apple team has requested to remove that feature as it is going to effect Apple’s shares.

You can download from below and try it. Uninstall the already installed App then Install the Apk down below.

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Hello guys welcome to another tutorial on How to playback your Youtube Videos from Android to Pc or On to your Television. It works with every Android (above 4.0 and correct me if I’m wrong) or IOS. Before trying the method you need to be on same Wifi network, otherwise this won’t work.

First, if you are on Tv then its okay but if you want to play videos on PC then open any browser on your system. Type the URL then Go to Menu (it will like 3 dot Horizontal icon) there you will find pair device. Once clicking on that you will be given a pair code

Now on your Android/IOS open Youtube Application then go to settings, select the connected TVs. Previously we have given a code in system/PC/TV right. Enter the code on your phone and click Add. You have successfully connected to Youtube TV.

Select any video on your phone and click on it, you will find two options play and Queue. Selet play and you can see that the video is playing on the system/Tv. Yaay, we successfully done the process. You can also pause the video directly from the app or on your PC.

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Instagram is one of the best known social network and it recently got 500 Million downloads on the Play store. Most of the people use Instagram for posting their memorable moments like Wedding, Travel, Pets, Family, Friends and much more. But what, if nobody like, comment or follow your posts? In fact you get disappointed and may/may not use the Instagram.

I guess many of you have been irritated by searching or trying the Youtube downloading apps that are available on Playstore. But you might not satisfied with their service. Any ways don’t worry, today I’m going to tell you about two best Youtube Video Downloaders (called TubeMate and TubeX) that work very well using the interface of Youtube. You can even watch the video if you are curious about how they look, work.