30 Jul 2015 Youtube dowoader

Top 2 YouTube Video Downloading Apps for Android

I guess many of you have been irritated by searching or trying the Youtube downloading apps that are available on Playstore. But you might not satisfied with their service. Any ways don’t worry, today I’m going to tell you about two best Youtube Video Downloaders (called TubeMate and TubeX) that work very well using the interface of Youtube. You can even watch the video if you are curious about how they look, work. Read More “Top 2 YouTube Video Downloading Apps for Android” »

29 Jul 2015 Ferado

Whatsapp update: Now send messages using Google Now commands

Whatsapp which was owned by the Facebook has been improved much more than before. They recently added a voice call feature and now there is another update from which we can send messages to Whatsapp directly using Google Now without opening the app. This app comes in more handy if you dont want to open the app and send a  message with voice commands using Google Now.
Read More “Whatsapp update: Now send messages using Google Now commands” »

29 Jul 2015 Android Phone charging

How to Charge Android using Another Phone

Have you ever thought that you can charge an Android phone by using the other phone? Yes, you may or may not. This tutorial is mainly for those who uses multiple mobiles and can charge their one of the phone which has drained it’s battery. But wait guys, for this you will need some equipments like a OTG cable, USB cable, one Android phone  (which is supported with OTG cable and this phone is used as the power bank) and finally the other phone to get charged. I will explain as clearly as possible, in between if you find any difficulties while doing this method. You can watch our video below down Read More “How to Charge Android using Another Phone” »

26 Jul 2015 Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher First Look and Download

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher First Look and Download

Though there are many Launchers out but few of them come from large companies like Microsoft. For now it is not available in the Playstore and it’s also in the private Beta. You can ask to Join their Google+ Community to use their app or download it manually from below. So, Let’s have a quick look on the Arrow Launcher Read More “Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher First Look and Download” »

25 Jul 2015 Save Data on Whatsapp Call| Get Googles

How To Save Data On Whatsapp Call

Whatsapp recently launched it’s free call service with an Invite system and it was rounded all over the world. Many users were very curious to have a call feature in their Whatsapp account but what if it conserves a lot more Data while you make a Call? Don’t worry, to overcome this situation Whatsapp recently updated with an option Called “LOW DATA USAGE“. If you enable this option it lower the amount of data used during Whatsapp Calling. Read More “How To Save Data On Whatsapp Call” »