How to Transfer Android Contacts to SD Card

Many of you, once or twice might me lost all your contacts by accidentally.        Unfortunately they are not gained back  into your device. So u need to protect them in a safe place before loosing them. Here my question is.... have u ever lost your contacts and felt sad about that. May or may not be..right

Anyways this is my Article about HOW TO EXPORT ANDROID CONTACTS TO EXTERNAL SD CARD WITHOUT ANY APP.  So lets begin!

Procedure :

•Open contacts and Select menu
•When selecting the menu you can see some options, here choose Import/Export
•By choosing Import/Export  a pop window appears, here select export to SD Card option
•Done, your contacts are stored in external SD Card. 
•Open my files/select external SD or Internal SD Card/you can find your contacts as contacts.vfc

Well, are your contacts are safe? If not do it immediately. 

How to Transform Galaxy S4 into S5's Notification Style

Hello!..! What's going on everybody? It didn't take long, but all the tools you need to change Galaxy S4 Notifications style into an S5 Notifications style are already available. In this tutorial we'll show you how to get Samsung Galaxy S5 notifications shade.

You'll need a rooted S4 running on Android 4.4.2 and a few file download I.e.,  BUILD.PROP EDITOR we'll move onto in a minute.

Notification shade and Quick Settings

All you need to do for this is go into your BUILD.PROP EDITOR and open that up. You'll see a ton of information about your device. All you need to do is locate the and ro.product.device entries and change them to SM-N900S by replacing

Super Battery saving tips for Android 4.4.2+ users

Hello visitor ! If you are  reading this article you might be facing some serious battery problems with your Device . Well, you have chosen the right place to boost up your Device in few moments. Without wasting our time let's discuss about how to save battery level on Android 4.4.2+ Devices.


• Auto Brightness mode, set it manually.
• All Vibrations
• Multi window features
• All Gestures
• Synchronisation ( enable it when charging)
• Wifi, Mobile Data, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Screen Rotation, Reading Mode, Driving Mode (when not in use)
● Enable Flight Mode when network is not in use.
● In settings, head over to Display settings & find Touch key light duration. Set it to always off.
● Use Dark wallpapers(BLACK) for both Home & Lockscreen by avoiding Live wallpapers because they consume high battery in the background.

How to Change Image Background on Android Devices (PicsArt)

Hey! What's going on everybody? Today I'm going to teach you a small tutorial about how to change the image background on android devices by using the PicArt Application. Yesterday, while I was searching for some images on Internet, I found a good image but I'm not satisfied with background of particular image, so i decided to change the image background. For editing that picture, I had choosen a nice application called PicArt.
Well! Coming to the point here is the procedure how to change the image background. Please follow the procedure carefully which is explained below or you can have a look on the VIDEO

How to recover lost notifications on your Android Device

Most of the people clear their notifications by accident and deleted things that they hadn’t checked out yet or they wanted to keep information for future reference? I know that I have. I open up the notification pane and before I can even think about it, Ooops, notifications have been cleared. But, what about that message or e-mail you get? Which app was it come from? Well, we’ll show you a clean procedure that how to check out your notification history so you don’t have to worry about notification purgatory. 

List of all web browsers that can and cannot support Flash Player on Android

As the use the Smartphones became most popular since from few years. Especially the top most gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Note3,S4,Note2,LG G2,HTC one etc., which are provided with high performance OS(android 4.4 kitkat) and also with some great features like air gestures(Note3,S4),fingerprint sensors(Iphone5S) has pushed the technology into next generation.

We can use this smartphones not only for the purpose of calling,texting & for MMS, it also can be used as a PC Browser as they are designed about 3Gb RAM (Note3) including rich graphics compatability.

Here are the List of web browsers that can and cannot run Adobe Flash Player

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